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 Updated 14th April 2015


We are a unique Holistic Charity in Scotland making a difference to the lives of people with health and wellbeing issues who are in an economical disadvantaged position including people on low income.


We offer one to one Complementary Therapy support and Nature Connection for families for the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. At our drop in Centre we provide support that makes lasting improvements to health and wellbeing. Our services help people re-gain control of and improve their health and quality of life.


Our charity is based in Edinburgh and established since 2003. Our services are run by a team of over 30 volunteers. We want to see people get well and stay well.


We believe that every human being, independent of their financial circumstances or background, should be able to have access to holistic therapies, connect with nature and be in control of their health and wellbeing.


We see our work as a deep expression of compassion for others and our living planet. To serve with unconditional love is what we do. It is who we are. Our work which comes purely from the heart helps you to restore balance.


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Complementary Therapies and Nature Therapy help to reduce stress and create well being, it prevents illnesses and help people get better quicker when they are unwell or lacking energy. It works in conjunction and cooperation with conventional medicine, assisting in the process of recovery and healing enabling individuals to progress and move towards positive health much quicker.


Our dream: Is to see an Integrated Healthcare System operating in Scotland, in the UK and in the whole world one day.


Our mission: To help people to re-gain their health, wellbeing, build their confidence, gain greater awareness and understanding of themselves.


Our aims

1) Help people regain control of their health and well-being

2) Complement the support the NHS is giving to people with ill-health

3) Endeavour to prevent people from developing mental health issues related to the lack of support, lack of belonging and isolation

4) Provide volunteering opportunities for qualified and insured therapists.


Our Awards

We hold the Investing in Volunteers Award and we are proud to be a community of over 30 volunteers working at The Planetary Healing Centre in Portobello and The Planetary Healing Woodland in Balerno.

Investing in Volunteers awards to the CFPH


Our Award really is when we see in our clients' eyes how much our work has helped them alleviating pain, feeling happier and able to cope much better.


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call: 0131 657 5680

Text: 077 9856 8218

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Open day: 30th May more info


Opening hours for our drop in Centre:

Holistic Project & Library: Mon Tue Wed Thu 10am to 3pm.

Private Therapies: Flexible days, times and venues. Please contact the therapist directly.



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General information

Our Holistic Health Project Mon to Thu is aimed at people in our community who are in a financial disadvantaged position or low income.

Our private work is aimed at the wider community in general.

Our services are available to people from all areas, independent of religion, political viewpoint, nationality, race, gender, creed or social standing.


Accessibility: Our building is not wheel chair accessible, however, we are able to offer some therapies at ground floor level for those who have difficulties going downstairs.

If you need a fully accessible building we recommend www.atherapyforyouinleith.com



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