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 Updated 24th Oct 2014


We are an Edinburgh based charity run solely by volunteers.

Our Holistic Health Project and Nature Connection, are a deep expression of compassion for humanity and our living planet. Our work really changes people's lives.


OPEN DAY: Sat 06th Dec 2014 from 11am to 6pm


Our mission: To help people to re-gain their health, wellbeing, build their confidence, gain greater awareness and understanding of themselves.


We believe wholeheartedly that by bringing balance into one's life naturally brings balance to one's relationship with our Earth Mother.


Our services are available to all independent of area where you live, religion, political viewpoint, nationality, race, gender, creed or social standing.


Click here for our Health Project timetable


Read about our Stress management and Confidence building programme.


Read the Importance of Holistic Therapy as a Complementary Healing Process


Because your health is everything!


Holistic Therapies help to reduce stress and create well being, it prevents illnesses and help people to get better quicker when they are unwell and lacking in energy. Research shows that effective holistic approaches combined with orthodox medicine can enable individuals to progress and move towards a more positive health much quicker.


Our aims: 1) Help people regain control of their own health and well-being 2) Complement the support orthodox medicine is giving to people with ill-health 3) Endeavour to prevent people from developing mental health issues related to the lack of support, lack of belonging and isolation 4) Contribute to a stronger, more resilient and supportive community.


Our holistic approach to health and wellbeing helps hundreds and hundreds of people every year to get their health back, build their confidence, motivation and release stress. We also provide families and individuals with outdoors activities to support their health and wellbeing.



Our Awards

We hold the Investing in Volunteers Award and we are proud to be a community of nearly 30 volunteers working at The Planetary Healing Centre.

Investing in Volunteers awards to the CFPH


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Bookings call: 0131 657 5680

Or text us: 077 9856 8218


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Opening hours:

Project & Library: Mon Tue Wed Thu 10am to 3pm.

Private Therapies: Flexible days, times and venues. Please contact the therapist directly.


Accessibility: Our building is not wheel chair accessible, however, we are able to offer some therapies at ground floor level.



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