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 Updated 24th Nov 2015


We are a unique holistic charity in Scotland making a difference to the lives, health and wellbeing of individuals, families and also the bees.


Our charitable projects is run by a team of 35 regular volunteers. As an anonymous wise one once said:

" I cannot explain the mysteries of the Universe to you, but I can tell you that no one ever found lasting happiness who didn't just learn how to serve others".


Celebrating our 12th anniversary in 2015 we offer the following charitable projects:

1) Complementary therapies Project

2) Families Nature Connection Project

3) Hand in hand with Nature Bee Project

4) Volunteering programme

Complementary therapies and nature therapies are approaches that sees each person as an individual and whole and takes into account all aspects of a person’s needs, including psychological, physical and social. As such they are complementary to orthodox medicine, thus enabling individuals to regain and maintain optimal health much quicker.


We offer over 30 different types of Complementary Therapies in our Holistic Health project and also in our Private Therapy services.  Our services support people to recover their health and wellbeing, decrease stress, prevent illnesses, improve confidence and self-esteem. Our services provide support, sense of belonging and community and also prevent people from developing future mental health issues. Our volunteering programme contribute to a stronger, more resilient and supportive community.

Both our projects, the Nature Connection and the Holistic Health Project are offered on a donation basis, suggested as between £8 and £20 , which supports some of our core costs. If a user cannot afford a donation, he or she accesses the project for free. We insist on our services being accessible to all who genuinely need it and are struggling with ill-health. We also offer private therapy work for those who are able to afford it.


Our services are available and is accessed by all people independent of religion, political viewpoint, nationality, race, gender, creed, social standing or financial circunstances.


We believe that every human being, independent of their financial circunstances, should be able to access holistic therapies and connect with nature to have good health, positive mental health and wellbeing. We want to see people get well and stay well.


Our mission: To help people to be in control of their health, mental health and wellness, build confidence, gain greater awareness and understanding of themselves. We do this through complementary therapies, nature connection, classes, groups, workshops and training.


We hold the Investing in Volunteers Award and we are proud to be a community of over 35 volunteers working at the Planetary Healing for health and wellness.

Investing in Volunteers awards to the CFPH



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Regular groups

TUESDAYS on specific dates

Shamanic Crafting  - Portobello

Urban Shaman  - Portobello



Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Portobello


THURSDAYS once a Month

Laughter Yoga - Portobello

Drumming Circle - Portobello


FRIDAYS weekly

Guided Meditation - Portobello


Hire our space

Hire our space


Upcoming events

Crystal Healing training - 05th March 2016

Fundraising Holistic Festival - 01st May 2016


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ACCESSIBILITY: Unfortunately our building in Portobello is not wheel chair accessible, however, we are able to offer some therapies at ground floor level in the library for those who have difficulties going downstairs. Please talk to us.

If you need a fully accessible building we recommend therapies with:



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