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With Ana Duarte

***** 31st May *****

Time: 7:30pm to 9pm - drop in group

Exchange: Suggested donation to the Indigenous People Project

To book text: 077 4850 4587

Venue: Planetary Healing Centre, 288 Portobello High Street, Edinburgh, EH15 2AS

About this work:

In the process of artistically working with our shamanic tools, we are strengthening our relationship with its spirit. Our consciousness expands and we become more receptive to the messages communicated to us.


In this group, we will deepen our relationship and communication with our tools. We will empower them by allowing their filaments to touch our heart and our filaments to touch their heart.


What to bring: Most of the times we will provide some basic materials and you are also welcome to bring any of your materials too.

Below are some of our creations:

Smudging feathers

Painted feathers

Smudging fans


Keep up-to-date with our Facebook page to find out what we offer each month.



To book text: 077 4850 4587

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