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In June 2015 - Claudia Goncalves and Gabriel Gonzales began the Planetary Bee Project in Balerno.


We have one hive inspired on the South American Peroni Method where the bees build their own cones, feed on their own honey and have a "home" that is much more spacious. The other hive is the standard bee hive size which is common in the UK and Europe, the bees don't build their own cones and are fed with sugar.


The aim of this project is to compare the two hives and methods, contribute with knowledge and raise awareness about be benefits for the bees and humanity on using a more holistic approach to beekeeping.


Planetary Healing charity has also formed a network of like minded beekeepers who have the aproach of "giving to the bees" as opposed to "taking from the bees" and looking after them in a more holistic way. We share notes, visit each other's bee hives and exchange knowledge.


Another thing we do with our project is to plant bee-friendly flowers. Our Planetary Bee project is educational for the children and families who come to our Nature Connecion Projects and the children love to plant bee-friendly flowers. We are proud to be teaching the next generation to love and look after the bees holistically.


If you would like to be part of our network please contact us on 075 0443 8763 because we love bees!

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