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Women's Sacred Circle

A return home to the council of women and ceremonies: remembering who we truly are. Gathering in Sacred circle strengthens our hearts and spirit. "

Facilitators: Claudia Goncalves and Mandy Peat

Spring Equinox: Tue 21st Mar

Summer Solstice:  Thu 22nd Jun

Autumnal Equinox: Thu 21st Sep

Winter Solstice: Thu 21st Dec


Time: 7:30pm to 9pm - sharing refreshments afterwards

Venue: Planetary Healing Centre - 288 Portobello High Street. Weather permiting we will walk to Portobello beach.


Do you feel the longing to be connected and reunited with other Women who understand the Voice of the Heart, the Whispers of the Belly, and who Honour the Wisdom of the Womb?


As we greet each siSTAR, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, Wise Women in this Sacred Circle we gather and weave together our precious web of Womanhood.


Come... feel the Earth Mother under your feet and know that you are never alone. Let us share, learn, inspire and celebrate who we are.


We will provide soup, bread and tea wich we will share with the “Men's Sacred Circle” afterwards. 


Exchange: Donations to The Planetary Healing Charity to support its work with the Community is invited.




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