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Full Moon Sounds by the Sea

With Emma Stout

Dates: Every 1st Thursday of the month

**** 1st Feb **** 1st Mar **** 5th April **** 3rd May **** 7th June ****

Time: 7:30pm to 9pm - Booking only

Exchange: £15

You are invited to experience Shamanic Healing & a Ceremonial Sound Journey to welcome the coming Full Moon.

Your presence with and commitment to yourself is the most essential part of this work. And if you feel the call, you can also bring an item that is sacred to you to the Sound Journey to aid in your intention of what you would like to welcome with these Full Moon energies. This could be any object, talisman, card, crystal, photo, essential oil, piece of jewellery, notepad & pen. 

Shamanic Healing offerings:
Sessions offered on the day:
One-to-one Shamanic Healing appointments from 2:15pm to 7:15pm

Ceremonial Sound Journey 7:30pm to 9pm

This meditation group event offers a safe, nurturing and compassionately held space, inviting you to relax deeply, explore the self through personal enquiry and soften into your heart whilst laying down listening to the live sounds of ancient and healing instruments such as Tib
etan singing bowls, Shamanic drum, chimes, Native American flute and channelled voice.

The sound vibrations can help you identify and release energy blockages and free the cells from stress; aiding in healing and deep rest. 

Events are from the heart and intuitively guided. May include chanting, toning, gentle movement and guided drum journeys


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One-to-one Shamanic Healing
Appox. 90 minute appointments from 2:15pm-7:15pm
Please call and leave a voicemail or text to book
Exchange: £60 / £50 low part-time income
£40 unwaged

Group Ceremonial Sound Journey
7:30pm- 9pm
Please text me to confirm your space
Exchange: £15

please bring correct change

Contact to book:
Call and leave a voicemail or text
07813 256 182

Emma is very much looking forward to meeting you!
Many blessings ♥ ♥ ♥