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Policies and Procedures


Boundaries: Users of our projects are vulnerable people at risk, it is part of our signed agreement with volunteers and therapists that a personal relationship with a user of our services will not happen. Please refer to "Our guidelines for working with vulnerable people" document and our policies documents.


Fire Safety Centre regulations: It is a requirement of the fire safety regulation that everyone arriving for sessions write their name in the SIGNING IN BOOK at the reception.  Also that volunteers, therapists and anyone renting our space must read the document MANAGING FIRE SAFETY which is available at the reception in paper format as well as on our website. This document has some basic instructions on what to do in case of a fire and also for everyone to be aware of their rights and responsibilities. Lighted candles or incenses should never be left unattended, only be lighted with a nominated person in the room.


Sensitive Issues: When working with people, as trust builds up, sometimes they may disclose painful experiences. Incidents disclosed may include hurtful discrimination, abuse, sexual abuse and rape.  This may be a chance for them to begin a process of healing. Below is a guideline on how we will deal with such sensitive issues in case they occur:

  • Listen to the person’s information without judgment;
  • It is very important that we do not offer advice on any matter and/or that you comply with the Code of Conduct of the professional body you are registered with for your profession.
  • Provide the person with information about places and people in the community that can help him/her; Talk to the project manager to provide you with that information when applicable. 
  • If the person is over 16 yrs old, we encourage him/her to seek help. However it is important the person freely make the choice to speak to a counsellor or to join a support group. The freedom to choose will help the person to gain a sense of control over what has happened to him/her.  We are to respect person’s choice even if we would have done things differently and it may take time for him/her  to take further step. We reassure him/her that we support them and encourage them to do only as much as they feel ready.


Officers for Adults at Risk protection: Below are the officers registered with CRBS whom have the obligation to request a disclosure check on those working with vulnerable adults/young people at risk and also report care or protection concerns about a child/young person/or adult at risk : Mark Halliday, Claudia Goncalves and Tessa McKirdy.


Confidentiality: Information such as addresses and telephones at the Foundation are confidential. The same applies to sensitive information either heard in conversations or read in paper. Under the data protection, the database of our users is confidential and cannot be used for any other purpose or by any other person but the Foundation. Facilitators and therapists will have access to telephones and sometimes addresses of the people who book for their event/therapy. That information is also confidential and can only be used in connection with your work at the Foundation.   Please refer to our confidentiality policy.


Complaints: Whenever users of our services make a complaint regarding any aspects of the work or actions of individuals offering their services through the Foundation and/or volunteering with us, the complain will be taken seriously and an investigation on the matter will take place within 2 weeks.  The issue will be treated in confidence and will be dealt with by trustee Claudia Goncalves. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome or the management of the complaint an appeal can be made to other members of the Board of Trustees. 


Grievances:  Complaints, concerns or any feeling of dissatisfaction, minor or major, should always be discussed with trustee Claudia Goncalves. This is very important as anticipation of possible future problems and open discussions are fundamental if we are to work together successfully. If we do not take the time to address what needs to be addressed, little problems can easily become big problems and neither side wants that to happen. If you are not satisfied with the Claudia's approach to resolving the problem you can talk to any member of the Management Committee.


Disciplinary procedures: Disciplinary procedures are for dealing with continuing serious concerns about volunteer’s, staff, seasonal staff’s or facilitators conduct. It will take place where informal discussion and support fails.  We will use a verbal warning as part of our formal disciplinary procedure. After that we will carry out an internal review. If the person’s actions have breached the Code of Conduct, a disciplinary procedure with sanctions will follow.  Sanctions may involve dismissal or removing the person from their position. Serious allegations made against a volunteer regarding their behaviour towards vulnerable people will be referred to the protection agencies (police and social workers) for investigation and where the grounds for the referral are met the person will be referred to the List of people excluded from working with vulnerable people. 


Policy on Whistle blowing: Expressing concerns about a colleague’s unsatisfactory behaviour towards others, specially children, young people and/or adults at risk are possible and can be done in a safe and confidential manner with the Child protection and adults at risk officers named on previous page.  One must understand and be clear that malicious gossip about another worker, child, young person or adults at risk is never acceptable and if considerate to be vexatious or frivolous, will be dismissed completely.


Disclosure Scotland and PVG schemes: We are very committed to ensuring that vulnerable people, whether children, young people or adults at risk, are protected and kept safe from harm while they are with facilitators and volunteers in our organisation. In order to achieve this we are registered with CRBS and we ensure that facilitators and volunteers are carefully selected, screened, trained and supervised. Application forms are filled in for the positions working with vulnerable people (children/young people and adults) and references are taken up prior to starting. This applies to the project therapists only, not the day receptionist/supporters for the project as their work does not involved one to one sessions with the people.


Data Protection and sensitive confidential information: We will manage appropriately and keep the confidentiality of personal and sensitive data on everyone connected to the Foundation. This includes information given on disclosure certificates, application forms, references, professional indemnity insurance, reports and others. This information will also be handled in the same way according to our Policy on Secure Handling, Use, Storage and Retention of sensitive Information.


Equal Opportunities policies Our policy on equal opportunity states that all volunteers, facilitators, therapists and or staff (when applicable) are treated equally irrespective of their sex, marital status, age, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief, working pattern, employment status, gender identity (transgender), caring responsibility or trade union membership or any other irrelevant difference.


Notifying the benefit agencies of your volunteering with us.  Volunteers are reminded to notify the benefit agencies they are registered with about their starting volunteering with us.


Refererences:  We will be able to offer references for our volunteers after a period of 3 months of successfully volunteering with us.


Our Long Term Vision – Develop a self-sustainable ecological community. A place to offer our services where people will receive holistic therapies and have full contact and connection with nature and benefit from nature's free therapeutic qualities.



Other documents available:

Above you have seen a snapshot of our policies and procedures. Below are other important documents and policies. Some of them are under "Volunteering" pages on this website. Some are available on request.

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