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Facilitator: Claudia Goncalves

Sat 06th October 2018 - 12am to 7pm at the Yurt in Balerno

Exchange: £60 / £50 / £40 / £36 (high, medium, low income, benefits).

To book text: 075 0443 8763

Venue: The Community Yurt in Balerno, EH14 7JB


Rites of Passage is a sacred ceremony symbolic of death and rebirth to mark an important transition in our life.

It is good to participate in a Rites of Passage Ceremony to mark an ending and start a new beginning with for example: marriage, divorce, becoming a mother, death of a dear one, birthday, new enterprise, new relationship, our children becoming adults, gilrs becoming women, women becoming crones, mothers becoming grandmothers, new job, moving country, long travels, writing a book, retiring, etc.

The Ceremony is a powerful way to prepare ourselves, let go, do a clearing, make space, release “the old” and call in “the new” that we want to bring into our life.

An important part of Rites of Passage is also to celebrate in community your new begining, witnessed by the love and wisdom of other women sitting in Sacred Circle with you who are also, like you, going through a transition themselves.

With this Rites of Passage work, my intention is to support, guide and celebrate you through the transition in your life.  


The Rites programme

1) Sacred Rites Ceremony

2) Unravelling the Self Ceremony

3) Shamanic Sound Journey

4) Death Ceremony

5) Rebirth and Celebration


What to bring

1) A notebook for your personal notes

2) Flowers for yourself

3) Light food to share.

** cups of tea, paper plates, cups and cuttlery will be provided.









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NOTE: Claudia can also offer personall Rites of Passage of 3 hours of ceremony where you can invite your close friends and family to witness, celebrate and support you in your own personal Rites of Passage. Talk to Claudia directly for more information.



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