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Reg. Scottish Charity SC 034826 Reg. Company SC 257126

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People are our passion, the Earth our reason.                          

We do the work we do because we believe every human being, independent of their financial circunstances, should have the right to deepen their connection with nature access holistic therapies to support their health, mental health and well-being.


Please be a supporter, click on the button "My donate" here and donate. Help is always needed in all levels. Over 850 people are registered project users with us currently.


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Our mission is to ensure that people have equal access to Nature Connectin and Holistic Therapies. When we first started our project we were offering 1 day of therapy a week, now we offer 4 days plus Nature Connection for families 2 Fridays a Month and 4 full weekend of deep Nature Connection. We also offer a Stress Relief for un-paid carers. Users give a small donation and it sometimes is free depending on the person's circunstances. The donation given goes to pay some of the core costs to run our projects.


With our work we support people affected by mental health, cancer, survivals of sexual abuse, depression, homelessness, people affected by additions, bereavement and people with other equally difficult challenges in their lives.


Your support would help us cover some of our core costs enabling us to continue standing behind our committement to those who need support most. Thank you!


Ways you can help:

  • Click on "My donate" on the right side of this page and donate.
  • Send a cheque to support our Project. Cheque made out to Community Foundation for Planetary Healing.
  • Make a bank deposit. Please call trustee Claudia Goncalves on 075 0443 8763 for our bank details.
  • Run a charitable fundraising event (e.g. coffee mornings, evening events, etc) to support our work.
  • Volunteer with us.
  • Help The Planetary Healing Centre to have its own premisses and always be able to run the project by considering bequeathing.


Even if you don't have time or money to give, you can still support our charitable work by telling your friends about our services, pass on our leaflets and website address. Think of people you know and meet who can benefit from our work and let them know about our services, including our Holistic Fundraising events.


THANK YOU ! Your support is greatly appreciated.

May you be blessed with abundance and health a thousand times in return.



The Community Foundation for Planetary Healing is a registered Scottish Charity: No SC034826 and a Reg. Company SC257126.

Become a member and support our work. Click here to find out more.



In May 2016 Awards for All donated £9,885 to support our charitable work.


ELTF - Edinburgh Lothian Trust Fund

In March 2016 ELTF donated £1,000 to support our work.


n April 2015 Santander donated £4,752 to support our charitable work.