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How our work is making a difference:


"Soon after my session, I felt a huge weight had been lifted from me that was weighing me down and clouding my thinking. I no longer react to things in the same way I used to and am much calmer and happier. (cancer)


"I have depression, insonnia, regular headaches and stress. The project helps me to re-engage with life" (depression)


"The project is a very worthwhile one and helps people to access treatments that maybe they could not normally afford" (bereavement)


"The therapies help me to manage my stress levels and to cope better with my breast cancer treatment. They also give me more energy and better health in the days following chemo" (breast cancer)


"I use therapies to help me with symptoms of traumas from long ago" (trauma)


"The project has been helping me to feel restored and balanced" (stress)


"Massage has helped me to relax and slow down. It has also boosted my self-esteem" (mild bipolar)


"Each session has helped me to feel better to face my life challenges and supported the decisions I am making. Plus my body feels more relaxed and I feel less pain/stiffness" (depression)


"The therapies help me to get in touch with myself, give me strength, hope and confidence" (depression)


"I have a stronger feeling of connectedness to the world and a feeling of wellbeing. My 'separateness' is starting to disapear" (bereavement)


"The therapies help me to feel balanced more energised, more confident and relaxed" (depression)


"The therapies have a big impact in my life" (Bi-polar)

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"Knotted muscles causes me pain and reduces mobility in my right arm. Massage assists my mobility and promotes general well-being. Without the option of paying by donation I would not be able to afford this and this allows me to regularly check in and it is not just a 'one off' session." (physical pain)


"The project is an excellent idea to make massage and other therapies affordable to people on low income or no income who often have a greater need because of the limitations a low income can have an an individual's opportunities to improve the quality of their life" (stress)


"The therapies are a tremendous help to feel calmer. "I feel supported and more positive" (stress)


"It has helped me so much to relieve my stress and also to feel calmess in the day to day living" (cancer)


"Very beneficial effect, the therapies have helped me to move on in my life on all levels - I have more confidence and feel more relaxed." (mental health)


"I feel supported and more positive/stronger whenever I have a session. The project has helped me to face my many life challenges and to move on from difficult situations. Plus my health has improved." (mental health & trauma)


"I feel at a stage in my life now where I can take on training in Reiki 1 and 2. My whole process has been greatly enhanced by the project" (mental health)


"The therapies have given me lots of relief from worry and helped me physically to move on with health problems." (anxiety)



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What people say they get out of our Projects:


1. Relaxation & Reduced stress

2. Improved mood

3. Awareness

4. Emotional Support

5. Knowledge / understanding

6. Community (meeting people)

7. Confidence

8. Motivation

9. Acceptance

10. Reduced Pain & Symptoms

11. Improved Mobility

12. Reduced Medication

13. Maintained / stabilised condition


Reasons for people to use our project:

Trauma related to violence, Mental Health, Cancer, Asthma, Anxiety, Recovering from substance misuse (alcohol), Sciatica problems, Stroke, High blood pressure, Back pain, Post Polio, ME, Lack of energy, Trauma, Pregnancy, Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis, Depression, Bi-polar, lower back problems, Stomach problems, Low mood, Stress, Chronic Fatigue, I.B.S., Incontinence, Vascular Disease, Autism, Eczema, Learning Difficulties, Exhaustion, Menstrual problems, Heart problems, Allergies, High Cholesterol, Pain, Injury on Spinal cord, Sleeping problems, Psychosis, Aspergos, Migraine, Bereavement, P.T.S.D (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Functional Movement disorder, Schizophrenia, Trying to stop smoking, chronic pain, A.D.H.D., Recovering from addiction (drugs), Brest cancer, Diabetics, Agro phobia, Dislocated Neck disk, HIV, Maniac Depressive