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"Volunteering at the Planetary Healing Centre is a great privilege. I work with people who trully care for others, have an open loving heart and are fantastic people to be with. The Holistic Health Project ensures that those who most need support have the opportunity to access therapies to improve their health. With my volunteering work I have a great feeling of wellbeing, happines, with my heart expanded and deep gratitude for been given the opportunity to serve, to love and to learn. " Claudia Goncalves - Co-founder / volunteer manager


“I worked as a volunteer Homeopath and Shamanic Practitioner at Foundation for 4 years. At the Planetary Healing Centre everyone shares a common goal and that is to provide help and support to our community coming from a compassionate place in our hearts. In the time that I have worked there, I had not met one person, who would not stop what they were doing to help a person that needed their help. That is what I felt privileged to be a part of.”  Sheila Skelly - Ex-volunteer therapist


Sheila now is the owner of the HannaCherrie's holistic teashop at 35 Hamilton Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh. As well as lovely calmming teas, yummy soups, sandwiches and delicious cakes, she also offers a variety of holistic workshops and classes in there. You can find her in facebook:


“Volunteering at the Planetary Healing Centre has been nothing short of a life-changing experience for me. Through the instant and continued support, acceptance and non - judgementalism, I have come to know myself in a more true and deep way. The Centre inspires soul-awakening! Mostly, I am grateful for the unconditional love and integrity at the heart of the Centre, which fuels its running and the work there. Mark and Claudia, all the therapists and volunteers are providing a much needed service for those in need of support, learning , remembering, growing and uniting. It is truly humbling and awesome to be able to help support such essential work. It is an honour and a privilege. More power to it and long may it continues!” Jude Warner


“I’ve got a lot from volunteering at the Planetary Healing Centre and it’s been since 2006 that I have been there. It has given me opportunities to use some of my existing skills and also helped build up my confidence at a pace that feels right for me. I really enjoy doing something I believe in. There is a lot of warmth and kindness in our community and I also get to work with so many inspiring and caring people” Inez Patino – Ex-support and supervision volunteer





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