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The Planetary Healing Centre

account_balance  Reg. Scottish Charity SC 034826  ●  Reg. Company SC 257126

Our services, which is rooted in love, kindness, compassion and inclusion, provide support, a sense of belonging and community while preventing people from developing future wellbeing issues caused by disconnection from the Earth and from people.

Our mission is to help people re-gain control of their health, mental wholeness and wellbeing, build their confidence and self esteem, gain greater awareness and understanding of themselves.


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Who we are

We are a small charity committed to living and inspiring holistic, conscious and sustainable ways.

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What inspires us

Our inspiration comes from the examples of indigenous communities all around the world where since the very beginning of human times, they always worked together for the benefit of the whole. Doing what needs to be done in order to live a sustainable, empowered and balanced life in harmony with our Earth mother.

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What we do

Holistically we do a bit of everything, always with great love in our hearts and a deep commitment to the work. We run various projects throughout the year.

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How we work

Our work is always moved by our passion for the holistic ways with self-responsibility, commitment and self-empowerment at heart. We tread lightly on our Planet Earth and we inspire others to do the same. With our users coming from different groups and backgrounds, we work hard to transform their challenges and struggles into practical ways that brings health and wellbeing to each person we have the pleasure to work with and to our Planet.