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Envision the challenge of lacking access to clean drinking water for yourself and your loved ones.

I reach out to you through this campaign on behalf of indigenous communities, seeking your urgent support for a vital project in Brazil. Having recently visited Amazonian communities, I personally witnessed the severe struggles they face in obtaining clean drinking water.

The Madha people, residing along the Juruá and Purus rivers, are compelled to consume water from contaminated sources, leading to severe health risks and, tragically, illness and fatalities among children and elders. Geographically distant from aid, with the nearest government official three days away by boat, the Madha community of 1500 people lacks the funds to drill a well for clean water.

In the Kaxinawá village of Belo Monte, situated on the left bank of the Envira River in Feijó Acre, the people grapple with a prolonged lack of drinking water. The village, comprising 205 people and 42 families, faces particular challenges, especially in the school attended by 80 students from kindergarten to ninth grade. Without potable water, the children suffer, and the school struggles to provide meals. Despite the rich water resources underground, the village lacks the means to drill a well.

Similarly, the Village Yawasay contends without a well, with grandmothers, children, and the entire community relying on rainwater or traveling extensive distances to fetch water from an igarape', a small river or channel of water.

Likewise, Apurina women near Boca do Acre endure long journeys to secure water for their families, a taxing and time-consuming ordeal for their community of 450 people..

We feel a profound responsibility to aid these communities and urgently seek your support to make a difference. Our goal is to raise £16,000 to provide clean drinking water for the Madha, Kaxinawa, Apurina, and Yawasay villages. With your assistance, we will contract a specialist to drill wells and acquire essential equipment, such as water pumps and generators or solar panels, establishing a sustainable long-term solution.

This Well project will bring a lasting solution for four communities, ensuring safe and clean drinking water access.

We acknowledge your kind and compassionate heart and hope you can find it within yourself to support these communities in their time of need. Every contribution, regardless of size, directly contributes to drilling wells, acquiring equipment, and ensuring these communities have access to clean water.

Thank you for your generosity and support. Together, we can make a significant difference and provide clean drinking water to those who need it most.

With heartfelt thanks,

Claudia Goncalves and the Planetary Healing Centre's trustees.

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Dear Friends

We are appealing to your generous heart to join us to help the indigenous people of Brazil. All projects are carefully selected by our co-founders Claudia and Mark with 100% of the money donated going directly to the indigenous people. Claudia visits and follow up on the implementation of each project from beginning to end on a voluntary basis once a year. Any amount, small or big, is very welcome.

We help grassroots groups of indigenous people who are in the frontline and are guardians of the forest so they keep strong and fighting for the Amazon.

This project is about humanity coming together and truly supporting ancient cultures to thrive. If the indigenous people and the forests thrive, we thrive, if they don't survive, we don't survive. They are the guardians of what is left of our forests and they are the guardians of ancient forms of healing. By helping the indigenous people to be strong on themselves we are also helping to preserve the Amazon.

There is much yet to be learned from indigenous people and their culture, yet their individual and cultural survival is seriously threatened by covid-19 as well as modern loggers, miners, multinational corporations, farmers who invade and decimate their forest which is their home.

In donating to our project, you are having an immediate and direct impact on the survival of different indigenous tribes in Brazil as well as the survival of the Amazon .

With this project you are having a positive impact on the lives of a people who have lived for thousands of years teaching humanity about living in harmony with nature. When you tell other people what you have contributed to, you can raise your head with pride that you are making a significant difference to the ecological health of our world.

Act now for the Earth! Thank you!

With deepest gratitude,

Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday


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our 2023 project


The funds allocated for the indigenous people's project facilitated the following initiatives in 2023:

• £200 was donated to Yka to cover her university fees with the specific intention of enabling her to complete her degree as a teacher, dedicated to serving her indigenous community.

• £800 was allocated to Sheterru for the construction of a community space.

• Another £800 was contributed to Pukan to aid in the construction of his family home.

• £1600 was provided to Muller Kariri for the construction of his home.

• A donation of £900 was made to support the construction of a home for Dielza.

• £250 was allocated to elder Rani to assist in the initiation of her home construction.

• £350 was donated to Francisco for the construction of an elder's tomb.

• An amount of £900 was dedicated to Edina for the purpose of bringing water from the river closer to the house and completing an her elder's home.

• £500 was contributed to assist in the completion of elder Rani's home.

• Lastly, £800 was donated to Debora to support her return to university studies, specifically to continue her studies as a nurse to serve various indigenous community.

During early September 2023, a delegation consisting of three indigenous elders and two youths from the Amazon in Brazil journeyed to Scotland to share their invaluable wisdom, teachings, and traditional medicinal knowledge. Their presence had a profound and positive effect on 100 individuals, and as an exchange, efforts were made to raise funds aimed at enhancing infrastructure in their native villages. A week-long cultural exchange ensued, enriching not only the indigenous delegation but also fostering mutual benefit for the local Scottish community.

our 2022 project


In 2022, together we donated £4,826 for the Shanenawa people of Feijo in the Amazon. This was raised via the JustGiving platform, donations on our website and a substantial anonymous donation. It helped the Shanenawa people to become more self-sustainable long-term: with our donation they built a Shohu (spiritual communal space), a house for an elder who had his house destroyed by the floods and another communal space they now lovinly call "Scotland". Deep gratitude to everyone who donated and made it possible.

our 2021 project


In 2021, together we raised £1658 With support received from wonderful people in Scotland. With that we donated £840 to build a small house for 2 spiritual elders in Brazil. We have also raised and donated £818.50 to the Apoitcha charity in Brazil who work with children in poverty. Deep gratitude to everyone in our community who have donated to these projects via Just Giving and our website. Together we are stronger and make the change we want to see in the world.

our 2020 project


In March 2020 together we raised £1528 to help the Apurina people and the Yawanawa people buy tools, seeds and seedlings to plant vegetables and orange trees to reduce their dependence on buying food outside their tribe. With the Pandemic and quarentine time, this became essencial for their survival.

It was because of your generosity that we were able to help them.  Thank you! 

our 2019 project

From January 2019 to June 2019 we raised £6,000 to help the Kiriri tribe in Minas build a Culture House where they can do crafts work to generate income essential for the survival of their tribe. We also helped them with the construction of their indigenous school, a space to teach their children their own culture, language, unique identity and rituals.

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our 2018 project

Kariri Project in Alagoas
Brazilian Amazon Project
From Aug 2018 to Dec 2018 we raised £3,000 to help the Kariri Xoco tribe of Alagoas to build a flour mill to fight hunger and malnutrition in their Village.

From Sep 2017 to Sep 2018 we raised £9,000 to help the People of the Amazon in Acre  - Brazil - to build a space for elders to gather, share knowledge and teach future generations their tradition.

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